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Heat Pump+

Applying heat pump technology, restructuring the industry ecology,
integrating global resources, and participating in global competition.

Heat Pumps Boosting Dual Carbon

Against the backdrop of "3060", Zhongguang will continue to reconstruct the industry ecology with heat pump technology as the starting point,

implementing innovative breakthroughs and applications of "heat pump +" from four dimensions:

"heat pump + products, heat pump + scenarios, heat pump + new energy, and heat pump + ecology".

Heat pump + product
Heat pump + scenario
Heat pump + new energy
Heat pump + ecology

Heat Pump + Product

Hot water, heating, air conditioning, drying, dehumidification, dishwasher, clothes dryer, clothes care machine...

Zhongguang innovatively applies "heat pump technology" to various product categories, creating ultimate energy-saving effects and user experience.

Heat pump heating

Heat pump air conditioner

Heat pump hot water

Whole house water purification

Smart home appliances

Heat Pump + Scenario

Comfortable home solutions for Feng Shui, industrial construction, agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry, drying and other comprehensive solutions.

Comfortable home furnishings
Industrial Architecture
Agriculture, forestry, and animal husbandry.

Heat Pump + New Energy

Supply-side: clean electricity such as hydropower, wind power, solar power, nuclear power, etc.
Demand side: complementary with multiple energies such as natural gas and solar energy.
Zhongguang insists on effectively combining heat pumps with new energy supply-side,
fully leveraging the green advantages of the "heat pump + new energy" model,
and helping to achieve continuous energy conservation and emission reduction in the construction industry.

Heat pump + hydropower
Heat pump + wind power
Heat pump + photovoltaic
Heat pump + nuclear energy

Heat Pump + Ecology

The heat pump cooling and heating system is the core, integrating products such as purified water, fresh air, and whole-house intelligence.
Form an ecosystem community with upstream and downstream enterprises, cross-industry enterprises, and friendly competitors.
Zhongguang insists on building a harmonious and win-win heat pump + large ecology through the resource integration method of "horizontal cooperation and vertical integration".

Fresh air system
Heat pump air conditioner
Heat Pump floor heating
Smart home appliances
Water purification system
Whole House Intelligence

Creating a new "extreme" in HVAC together

Zhongguang will use heat pump air conditioning as a spearhead to create a new "extreme" in HVAC,
jointly build a "heat pump air conditioning global leadership" highland, and provide global users with more green,
integrated, and intelligent comprehensive solutions.